Ongoing Technical Services

Dynamix Energy Services provides you with the confidence that your building is performing as it should. Our Technical Services team continuously monitors and reports the performance of existing building automation systems as well as fine-tunes HVAC systems to optimize efficiency.

The Dynamix Technical Services team offers a suite of energy services

What To Consider Now That You Have Completed Your Energy Project

The day-to-day operation of a building presents many challenges. Facility optimization requires the monitoring and analysis of a great deal of data – and if many new systems have been put into place at once, there is the risk that existing maintenance workflows will be over-tasked.

Questions to ask yourself about your organization’s maintenance workflow:

  • Who detects or reports system issues? Is an occupant complaint always the first indicator?
  • Who is the first responder and what support do they have?
  • How well informed is everyone regarding system performance?
  • After an energy efficiency project, how are results measured and maintained?
  • How can ongoing technical services help?

Remote Monitoring

  • Monitor systems for abnormal behavior and watch for anomalies in both day-to-day operation and monthly utility charges. This provides much needed assistance for your maintenance staff when it comes to diagnosing and fixing building issues.

Utility Reporting

  • Prepare utility reports that show billed consumption and cost. A summary analysis is included to compare pre- and post- energy project use and cost.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of the facility energy footprint. These reports inform building owners of the current energy consumption of the facility, helping them gauge the success of their energy conservation project. The reports also make utility billing errors easy to detect.

HVAC Fine-tuning

  • Work with facility managers and owners to find the delicate balance between maximum energy savings and occupant comfort.
  • Analyze temperature settings, operating schedules and equipment performance to find potential improvement. Building systems are tailored to meet the demands of daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal variation as efficiently as possible. While many buildings are similar, each system may have different requirements to maximize comfort while reducing cost. Findings can ensure that your utility consumption is as low as possible, reducing unnecessary operating expenditures.

The best news:

One year of free technical services is a standard part of our energy project packages.

Contact us  to find out which of our service offerings are right for you!