Energy Dashboard

In the past, energy inefficiencies were difficult to identify and correct. During the months – or years – that it took for operators to discover and fix issues such as minor mechanical problems or erroneous system settings, much energy was wasted. Adopting energy tracking software – which collects, assimilates and displays consumption data – gives operators real-time visibility and instant knowledge. The reporting software enables quicker adjustments and repairs, with the cumulative effect being significant energy savings.

Did you know that, in 30 minutes or less, you can impact your energy bill over the next year by setting a new high for your peak demand?

Managing energy use in real time equals real savings

The benefits of energy monitoring and energy meter installation

  • Reduce energy consumption and utility expenses
  • Quickly identify operational issues
  • Make accurate financial and budget projections
  • Use dashboard displays as a public interfacing tool
  • Have the flexibility of cloud-based remote access

It is increasingly important to monitor your systems and be able to react in real-time. This technology is available today – it is quick to install; allows remote monitoring real-time, allows multiple remote viewers via secure web login and can help you make informed decisions based upon how your facilities truly use energy. All information is available through the use of cloud-based technology.


The Solution For Automated Electrical Demand Management

The flow of energy education

Other countries, and many areas within the U.S., are now sharing real-time data at the building entrance to educate and inform others of their energy usage and efficiency. This information is helping us change as a community in how we look at what we manage, how we generate excitement within our people to help, and how we think about efficiency as an added value.

Learn more about how you can educate your staff on energy importance; create competition between or set goals for multiple facilities, or generate that understanding of fiscal responsibility within those that use your facilities by sharing accurate, real-time data.

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