Retro-Commissioning and Fine-Tuning

Just because your existing facilities don’t currently employ the latest and greatest technologies doesn’t mean they can’t be updated to take advantage of today’s solutions. Some carefully considered changes, accomplished in a few straightforward steps, can improve performance beyond initial expectations.

Take the first steps toward substantial energy savings

Planning for success

Planning is the key to success. Dynamix Energy Services uses state-of-the-art methods including energy modeling software and customized numerical analysis to help examine current building performance, establish baselines and recommend the best energy saving strategies.

Execution with attention to detail

To achieve substantial and lasting savings, it is important to insist upon quality. Dynamix uses a lean, iterative execution process coupled with quality testing to ensure that our projects perform to the highest standards.

Making the most of what you have

Substantial savings are achieved through the use of cutting-edge programs to control your existing equipment. Some of our best performing buildings have standard efficiency equipment coupled with powerful energy saving control strategies.

Measure, react, improve

Even the best plans need adjustment. Dynamix Energy Services measures the performance of buildings real-time and adjusts control strategies accordingly to ensure that we continually provide optimal performance.

Sustainability and savings long into the future

It is impossible to generate savings by using unrealistic temperature set-points and other unsustainable measures. To ensure long lasting savings, Dynamix utilizes control algorithms that save significant amounts of energy while minimizing the impact on building comfort.

The importance of perseverance

Studies and experience validate that stand-alone projects do not create long-term results for facility optimization. While single retro-commissioning projects, audits or assessments are often needed and offer proven payback, the benefits don’t last forever. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, each year, 20% of savings achieved through a full-scale retro-commissioning effort erode. This means that, by year five, you’re back to square one. True facility optimization requires a continuous eye on the data.

Case Study

Circleville City Schools

Learn how Circleville City Schools reduced its energy costs through a Retro-Commissioning with Dynamix Energy Services– and how you can do the same for your facility.

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