Dynamix Energy Services’ approach to energy projects is different than any other

Our team members start by creating a solution to your biggest facility problems. They then optimize building mechanical, lighting and controls systems – improving comfort along the way – and fund it all through guaranteed energy savings.

Dynamix can take your building from being outdated and inefficient to being completely energy optimized in a series of simple steps:

Energy Audit

Putting together the game plan

A successful game plan starts with a scouting report. For any energy project, this is the energy audit. An audit consists of an in-depth discussion with facility and maintenance personnel in order to gain a good understanding of building operational characteristics and trouble areas. The audit will also include a detailed utility analysis, facility walk-through and any engineering calculations. The result of this first step will be a list of recommended energy conservation measures and the associated cost savings.

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Design and Engineering

Focused on maximizing energy efficiency

Since Dynamix team members are specialized engineers with extensive experience in turning the analysis from the energy audit into real world solutions, all suggested approaches are made from an engineering perspective. This ensures that recommendations are made from an unbiased position with the goal of selecting the best equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Turn-key installation/Single Prime

Seamless execution

Dynamix fully executes all projects and operates as a single point of responsibility for each of our clients. That includes self-performing all project management as well as designing and programming building automation controls. The company’s extensive experience in managing complex construction projects allows us to anticipate potential pitfalls and ensure that the installation is completed to the design intent.

HVAC System Fine-Tuning

The installation is not the end

To achieve substantial and lasting savings, it is important to perform at the highest levels of quality. Dynamix uses a lean, iterative execution process coupled with quality testing to ensure that our projects perform to match the highest standards.

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Technical Service

Only a click away

The Dynamix Technical Services team continuously monitors and reports the performance of building automation systems, as well as fine-tunes HVAC systems to optimize efficiency for more than a full year as part of our projects.

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