Energy Analysis by Dynamix

Dynamix Energy Services approaches an energy analysis from two angles: numerical utility analysis and computer simulation/energy modeling analysis. Using two independent approaches allows for the savings calculations to be checked against one another, thereby increasing the validity and accuracy of the calculations.

Free Energy Analysis

Dynamix will examine your current energy system and prepare a comprehensive energy audit to help develop a new game plan for your project.

Utility Analysis

Dynamix begins the numerical utility analysis by identifying key factors driving energy consumption. These factors typically include facility size, equipment run time and equipment type. Next, a numerical model is created using these factors and the utility consumption data. The numerical model allows us to determine how the building is using energy and how the energy usage changes based on key factors. The energy consumption of your building is compared to other buildings of similar size and use. From this comparison, the potential savings can be estimated using the numerical model and knowledge of specific energy conservation measures that may apply.

Energy Modeling Analysis / Computer Simulation

In addition to the numerical analysis, Dynamix utilizes the Department Of Energy’s eQuest energy simulation software to assist in evaluating potential energy conservation measures (ECMs). The process starts with the creation of an energy model for each building, based on the audit data and information provided by the client. These energy models are then compared and calibrated with utility information to ensure that they are accurate. Next, ECMs are entered into eQuest to determine potential savings. These energy models are included in the client deliverables for future use. In addition, Dynamix can provide full eQuest training to the client.