Building Automation

Professional engineers design your HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression systems, so why not your building automation and control system? Dynamix Energy Service’s professional engineers will design your controls system in coordination with your building’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system design. System hardware installation is then included in the competitive bidding process. Dynamix ensures proper installation and provides system programming, download, start-up and commissioning. We also develop the graphical interface and monitor system operation – making any necessary adjustments along the way – for one full year.

Have professional engineers design your control system in conjunction with the rest of your building design.

The Dynamix Difference

Engineering Knowledge

Our team possesses and extends to you an in-depth understanding of proper system operation. From basic mechanical models to complex energy systems, our extensive experience in field will be used to best serve you and your facilities. Dynamix is ready to reduce your energy consumption, maximize financial savings and improve the overall comfort of your building.

Custom Programming

We utilize custom controls programming to maximize your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Take complete control of your facility’s expenditure day-by-day or allow automation to manage it for you based on a pre-programmed schedule. When it comes to the functionality of your facility, our technologies give the amount of command you desire.

Speed to Market

As a means of promoting efficiency throughout the process, no project delays are incurred while waiting for shop drawing approval – they are completed during design. Dynamix offers a strong sense of transparency with each client as to ensure the best experience and end product. This, ultimately, means a quicker, more organized solution to your needs.

Locked-In Cost

To foster a sense of security in pricing, materials can be ordered earlier in the project. Get all of the capital costs up front and be relieved of any costly surprises later. Lock in all charges early in the project and look forward to a more sustainable future.

Faster Coordination

Dynamix works to complete your project in a time that is faster than traditional delivery to save you money faster. This is why our software and graphical interfaces are ready for installation even before hardware tasks are completed. A faster implementation of the technology is realized after our physical/virtual foundation has been built. Afterwards, your new/revised energy system will be ready to work for you with DES monitoring progress and optimizing the system for a full year.

Holistic Interface

The user interface graphics are accurate, complete, professional and customized for you. The interface represents your facilities and systems in a comprehensive, unique fashion. Take an on-screen look at complete 3D models and click-down into your facilities and see how the systems can best serve you with only the data you need to see at each step. This simplified technology allows you to take even more control with less stress.

Non-Proprietary Components

Our system designs are based around non-proprietary protocols, using controllers and components that are available through “over-the-counter” purchasing. The various parts and pieces that make up the development process are universally accepted and are not confined to one specific manufacturer or brand. This helps our clients maintain low cost of long-term operation.

Lower Operating Cost

Owners gain the benefit of knowing their anticipated lowered operating cost and receive assistance throughout the first year ensure the set goal is obtained. We eliminate the unknown of energy costs as you open a facility and outline true expected goals for a top performing building. There is so much that can be achieved in such projects beyond what traditional methods have allowed. Discover your true potential.

Opening Year Assistance

We assist you in optimizing the systems as they react to your buildings throughout the first full year of implementation – your seasons, your envelope, your users, your variables. Dynamix works directly with you to see that your goals are met, in full.