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Since funding is always a cause for concern, even in the best of times, school districts cannot afford to lose money on utilities. From aging, inadequate equipment to inefficient newly installed  systems, there are any number of reasons why a school’s mechanical equipment does not run at peak efficiency.

School district leaders have the opportunity –  to explore options for reducing energy costs, and Dynamix Energy Services has the solutions to the problems caused by outdated or inefficient energy management systems.

How a partnership with Dynamix Energy Services positively transformed the Circleville City Schools.

Circleville City Schools

As the Circleville City Schools wrapped up their 6-year construction project this past fall, the district’s board of education passed a measure which marked the construction of a comprehensive plan to streamline and optimize their buildings’ energy usage. As a major part of that plan, the school district partnered with Dynamix Energy Services to deliver lower energy usage and costs.



Without replacing any major pieces of equipment, Dynamix performed a Retro-Commissioning project designed to optimize the district’s existing HVAC equipment operations and improve their Lighting Controls System. Here are some improvement highlights:

  • Optimized Lighting Control Systems districtwide
  • Reprogrammed and adjusted the control algorithms of Air Handlers throughout the district
  • Optimized the operations of the Geothermal system to operate more efficiently
  • Reduced run-time hours for many of the Geothermal System components
  • Improved overall HVAC operations at all buildings in the district
  • Guaranteed energy savings of 40%
  • Delivered savings of $80,134 in energy costs from October 2017 to January 2018 and guaranteed energy cost savings of over $150,000 for the first year
  • Promised project payoff in less than 3 years

District officials believe that …fiscally responsible energy initiatives early on will enable the three campus buildings to operate at peak efficiency, as well as, cut down on energy costs…

Assistant Superintendent, Kyle Uhrig said, “Energy conservation and reductions in equipment replacement down the road is not just about being in a good place now, it’s being in a good place for years to come. Uhrig also praised Dynamix CEO, Todd Mace, “Todd, in particular, has been a hands-on project manager working with district administrators and maintenance staff to make the most of the learning environment we provide for our students every day.

Todd is very knowledgeable on the school side of HVAC systems and lighting systems and his company is very in tune with the latest technological aids in reducing energy costs. He has been an unprecedented asset for us as we look to the future.”

In recognition of Dynamix’s resolve and commitment to engineering energy conservation at Circleville City Schools and for going above and beyond their contracted agreement, the organization was recognized and commended at the school district’s March 14th meeting of the board of the education, where they delivered a project update to board members and the general public.
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