Industrial Energy Saving Projects

Industrial facilities often face business pressures that cause energy efficiency to get pushed down the priority list. But as energy costs rise and additional high charges are incurred in the form of demand billing, there are opportunities to save significant amounts of money by conserving energy. Plants with multiple existing systems that are not tied together can achieve significantly greater operating efficiency by harnessing those systems under a single control system.


Through energy audits and system integration, Dynamix helps industrial facilities highlight hemorrhaging waste areas and fix the issue to cut overall energy costs.

The Dynamix Difference

  • Dynamix engineers have extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology systems and are trained problem solvers with excellent analytical skills. This experience allows the team to identify efficiency opportunities even in complex and unique manufacturing processes.
  • Proven track-record of implementing cutting edge control strategies with proven results.
  • Specialize in designing, installing and programming HVAC control systems that achieve optimal energy efficiency.
  • Proven history of working alongside existing facility personal to provide technical expertise for mechanical, electrical and control systems.
  • As an approved AEP Energy Solutions Provider, Dynamix can help procure rebate money.

Success Stories

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Like many food processing facilities, this doughnut manufacturer (located in Hilliard, Ohio) had strict temperature and humidity requirements for its production process. Temperatures could not fluctuate more than two degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity could not fluctuate more than four percent. To achieve these tight tolerances, the facility needed a new control system for the HVAC equipment serving their glazing department. Dynamix designed, programmed, installed and commissioned a new control system for the HVAC equipment which has now been in continuous operation for nearly a year with zero incidents. Because of its success, plans are in the works for expanding the control system to other departments and locations.

Funds saved due to initial energy system modifications can be invested back into conservation efforts in other areas of operation for even greater savings and sustainability.