Higher Education Energy Projects

Institutions of higher education, like other school properties, are suffering from aging and failing equipment, temperature control systems lighting fixtures and building envelopes. Limited budgets often result in long lists of deferred maintenance items. Despite these limitations, administrators are often pushing to see improvements in energy consumption.

Now, more than ever, it is important to strive for an environmentally-friendly campus and keep pace with other universities and colleges across the country. Students, parents and faculty desire to be associated with a school that acts on behalf of our environment and works toward a greener community. Wasteful and inefficient campuses are viewed as not fiscally responsible. Tuition and key offerings can be positively affected by efficient use of energy and key long-term planning in a market of rising utility costs.

Dynamix helped eliminate points of great energy waste at the College of Wooster, successfully reducing 30% of the campus' energy usage & saving $500,000 each year.

The Dynamix Difference

  • Design, installation and programming¬†HVAC control systems.
  • Cutting-edge control strategies with proven results.
  • More than 50 engineers with extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology systems.
  • Track-record of serving more than 50 school facilities with proven results.
  • Experienced partnering with existing facility personnel to provide technical expertise for mechanical, electrical and control systems.
  • Innovative lighting design experience.
  • Installation of non-proprietary controls using the BACnet protocol, ensuring that you are not locked into a single vendor or contractor.

Success Stories

College of Wooster Energy Project

Dynamix completed a campus-wide energy audit for The College of Wooster. The audit identified over 275 energy conservation measures (ECMs), which could result in a 30 percent reduction in campus energy use.

As an approved AEP Energy Solutions Provider, and as part of the energy audit, Dynamix obtained a $175,000 AEP cash incentive for the College.

The incentive was applied towards the implementation costs of the energy conservation project recommended by Dynamix.

Dynamix determined the cost to implement the entire energy project, created the cash flow illustrations and assisted the vice president of finance and business in presenting the results to the College Board. After the Board granted approval for commissioning an energy services performance contracting company to implement a guaranteed energy savings performance project, Dynamix assisted the college in preparing and processing requests for qualifications (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs). The College and Dynamix then interviewed the finalists and selected an energy service company (ESCo) to implement the project. The total cost of the energy project was $5,000,000 and it is expected to generate over $500,000 in annual savings.