Cutting Costs for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare equipment and systems are highly specialized and complex. Facilities often operate around the clock, placing unremitting demand on these systems. The industry also sees a rapid change of pace when it comes to technological innovations, which, along with ever-increasing demand, causes facilities to frequently outgrow their space or need to perform extensive alterations. Adapting to meet their shifting needs is no simple matter. There are many people and functions to accommodate and healthcare environments are subject to strict regulation and guidelines on the part of governing bodies, such as the Center for Disease Control. As with other industries, the healthcare industry struggles with rising energy costs, limited manpower and limited resources.

It is particularly important, then, that the healthcare industry try to limit the inefficiencies that can result from their high demand, fast-paced environments. Facilities that are able to identify their key problem areas, reduce energy consumption and reduce electric demand can not only improve occupant comfort but can improve their financial performance.

Dynamix specializes in reducing energy costs for medical facilities to allow for further developmental growth and technological advancement.

The Dynamix Difference

  • Combine several systems into a single interface.
  • Improve public perception by visibly demonstrating good energy performance.
  • Integrate systems design and controls expertise.

Success Stories

Lexington Medical Center

The Lexington Medical Center in Columbia, SC – a 1.1 million square foot, 414 bed facility – was spending approximately $3.5 million annually in energy expenses.

The Dynamix team helped the medical center identify almost  $850,000 in annual savings.

Some of the Energy Conservation Measures Include:

  • Interior Lighting Revisions
  • Exterior Lighting Revisions
  • Optimized Control of Operating Rooms
  • Optimized Cooling Plant
  • Fine-Tuned Sequences of Operation within the BAS

Client Testimonial

“I have worked with the Dynamix team since the mid-1990s and though I have recommended them as I have moved to different organizations, they always have earned the business on their own merits time and time again. My role then and today is to manage the day-to-day operations of a healthcare organization, so my pursuit is to do what is best for our company as well as our patients.  From the earliest project, I quickly grew to appreciate their work ethic, attention to detail, insight and project approach – all traits that continue to be the hallmark of their service. Too often, consultants trying to earn our work tell me what a great job they will do. In contrast, Dynamix thoughtfully and with detail will tell me how they are going to solve my problem.  I am comforted knowing that I can always pick up the phone and contact the Dynamix team. Whether or not they are currently under contract, I feel as if they are part of our team and they provide a timely and sincere response to my needs.”

Mike Greeley
Vice President – Operations
Lexington Medical Center, South Carolina