Cutting Energy Costs for Government and Municipal Buildings

Government building projects typically have less agility and flexibility than projects that are undertaken in the private sector. The political environment can create long lead times and unclear funding channels; furthermore, multiple parties and hierarchies are involved in any given project. Properties seldom have up-to-date operating control systems, which means there is no easy way to diagnose improperly working equipment or schedule on and off times to save energy when the facilities are not in use. As with other industries, governmental property administrators face rising energy costs.

Dynamix works with governmental agencies to substantially reduce energy costs. By implementing new technologies, we help these municipalities save $100,000+ annually.

The Dynamix Difference

  • Performed more than a half million square feet of government energy audits and projects and can claim 100 percent customer satisfaction.
  • In addition to designing, installing and programming building control projects, Dynamix can assist in solving issues that stem from ad hoc arrangements of existing mechanical, electrical and control systems (those that were not properly designed or were implemented in periodic “in-house” projects which provided only temporary solutions to specific problems).
  • Experience successfully working alongside existing facility personnel to provide technical expertise.
  • Recommend and install non-proprietary controls using the BACnet protocol, ensuring that you are not locked into a single vendor or contractor.

Success Stories

groveportCity of Groveport

Dynamix Energy Services completed work for the City of Groveport that included energy audits and energy projects for five buildings, totaling 121,406 square feet.

The Groveport Recreation Center, in particular, while having high visibility within the community, had been beset with usability problems. Shower water temperatures fluctuated from being uncomfortably hot to uncomfortably cold. The pool area suffered from humidity problems and difficulty maintaining a constant pool water temperature. Different zones within the facility varied greatly in temperature. Dynamix was able to rectify all of these issues, receiving community-wide accolades for its efforts. Solutions included a web-based control and scheduling system and new facilities management software. The implementation of energy dashboard software set the stage for real time utility monitoring. Dynamix retro-commissioned HVAC systems throughout the city, improving comfort and manageability, and buildings throughout Groveport benefited from a city-wide lighting retrofit.

$40,000 in utility costs were saved from June – September that year.

RossRoss County

Four government office buildings and a historic courthouse – which happened to be the original capitol building for the state of Ohio – were in need of completely updated HVAC systems. Dynamix performed an energy audit and energy project which included upgrades and replacements for systems across 188,395 square feet of space. Additionally, 15 systems at the Courthouse were reduced to four while simultaneously improving comfort levels. An added 14 rooftop units and four boilers were replaced at the other buildings. Dynamix installed a web-based control and scheduling system and new facilities management software as well as energy dashboard software.

The project is on track to hit the projected yearly savings of $130,000.

fairfield Fairfield County

Six buildings in Fairfield County had poor energy performance due to deteriorated windows and doorways as well as aged, inefficient HVAC equipment. Dynamix performed an energy audit and energy project on the combined total of 217,712 square feet of building space. We replaced old, leaky windows with energy efficient ones at the Jobs and Family Services Building and realigned doors and replaced weather stripping across several of the properties. We also replaced electric boilers with high efficiency gas boilers and replaced outdated and inefficient heat pumps with high efficiency models at the Hall of Justice.

Dynamix installed a web-based control interface and scheduling system, along with new facilities management technology and energy dashboard software. The project is on track to hit the projected yearly savings of $134,000.

cota COTA McKinley Avenue Building

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) required energy engineering on its Bus Storage, Maintenance and Customer Service Facility, which was undergoing a building expansion. Dynamix performed Controls as a Professional Service for part of the new construction as well as designed new HVAC systems throughout the facility. The scope of work for HVAC included integrating existing HVAC systems with new HVAC systems in the existing facility and in the expansion, along with integrating a carbon monoxide monitoring system. Dynamix also incorporated improved control sequences and a user friendly graphical interface.

Our Client’s Comments

“The engineering, planning, communication, logistics and coordination throughout this very complex project were, by far, the best I have experienced in my twenty plus years working in the public sector. The detailed facilities assessment, energy audit and numerous cash flow scenarios you and your staff produced were instrumental in helping us make an intelligent decision regarding the wise use of County funds”

Bradford M. Cosenza
Ross County Administrator

“Your design and project execution … was truly outstanding. Every phase of the project, from the energy audit to the engineering, communications, logistics and project coordination, was completed efficiently and smoother than any other project I have experienced in my 30 plus years in facilities management”

Tom Byrne
Director of Facilities, City of Groveport