A new HVAC Automation System has saved Jennings Local Schools more than $75,000 over the past two years.

In 2016, following the failure of the District’s central building automation computer, Jennings Local Schools resolved to invest in a new Building Automation System to control and oversee operation of its HVAC equipment. From July 2016, when installation was finalized, to August 2018, the District has saved a total of $75,603 through energy conservation.

“Quite honestly, the biggest compliment would be that no one was aware of the installation.”

Jennings Local Schools Partnered with Dynamix Energy Services for Systems Integration of Existing HVAC Controls.

The Automation System was put in place through a partnership with Dynamix Energy Services, which works with organizations to maximize energy efficiency and lower operation and HVAC costs through innovative solutions. Dynamix replaced the District’s central computer, while integrating and recommissioning its existing HVAC Control System.

“The installation was completed seamlessly with no interruptions to the school day,” said Jennings Local Schools Superintendent Nick Langhals. “Quite honestly, the biggest compliment would be that no one was aware of the installation.”

The project included installation of a Tridium Front End system and a new, easy-to-use graphical interface, as well as integration and recommissioning services.

Dynamix Energy Services projected a first-year energy savings of $12,528.

The actual first year savings was more than three times the original estimate totaling $36,038. The overwhelming success was result of the outstanding collaboration and effort between Dynamix Energy Services and Jennings Maintenance Staff. In addition to the first-year energy savings the school district also received $12,000 dollars from AEP Ohio in incentive rebates. The project resulted in positive cash flow to the district in less than 17 months.

The ease and convenience of the new energy management system have also had the effect of improving conditions for students and staff throughout the entire building.

“This has been accomplished at the same time as providing a more comfortable work environment for the entire staff and student body,” Langhals said.

One of the Dynamix personnel working on the project was Sean Weber, a 2007 Jennings Local Schools graduate. Weber, Energy Engineer for Dynamix, was involved in developing and delivering the District’s energy project.

Dynamix continues to provide monitoring services to the District to fine-tune and troubleshoot the new system, as well as look for ways to ensure continued savings.

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