VP Promotions Spotlight Dynamix’s Technical Expertise

Columbus, Ohio –
Dynamix Energy Services is proud to announce the promotions of five of our exceptional employees to vice president positions overseeing key areas of our service delivery.

These promotions, and the associated structuring of our lines of business, reflect Dynamix’s growth and the substantial innovation of our service offerings. The changes also have direct positive effects for our current and future clients, giving them better access to pertinent technical services.  Our technical expertise has always been what sets Dynamix apart from others in the industry.

The company’s new vice presidents and their areas of responsibility are:

Sean Weber, Energy and Controls Projects: Sean’s role entails performing utility analyses, energy audits and mechanical HVAC assessments. This information is used to engineer potential energy savings and conservation measures.  He also consults with facility managers to develop a scope of work that will result in positive annual cash flow for clients.  In addition, Sean will be responsible for overseeing our complex energy conservation projects.

Chris Reichert, Product Development and Integration: During his tenure with Dynamix Energy Services, Chris has demonstrated his leadership through the development of software for integration and automation with multiple Cloud Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

In his role of Vice President, he will oversee the conception and design of new products to make daily routines easier and more manageable for clients, looking for solutions to problem areas in the complicated world of energy management.

Brian Bowers, Controls as a Professional Service:  Brian will oversee this unique service of Dynamix by partnering with a client to coordinate the installation of HVAC equipment and controls while providing commissioning expertise.  This service is called Controls as a Professional Service.  This ensures a new building performs at peak efficiency on the first day of occupancy, and seamlessly coordinates the operation between building automation controls and HVAC equipment to optimize energy savings.

Mark Willard, Technical Service and Preventive Maintenance:  Over the past seven years, Mark has been integral to the delivery of our Technical Service and Preventive Maintenance Programs.  His new role will have him monitoring our engineers as they track energy consumption and energy savings after projects are completed through remote building monitoring, monthly energy savings reports and fine-tuning HVAC operations.

Brad Turnwald, Energy and Utility Management: As Vice President of Energy and Utility management, he is responsible for the development and implementation of Gridcap, our automated electrical demand management platform.  Gridcap enables clients to more effectively and automatically manage monthly building demand charges and annual peak load contribution capacity charges.

About Dynamix Energy Services

Dynamix Energy Services (DES) is a full service, vendor-neutral Energy Services Company that focuses on implementing and installing creative, well-engineered solutions to our customers. Our team consists of Professional Engineers from multiple backgrounds including HVAC, Electrical, Controls, Technology and Plumbing. This diversity allows us to maximize the energy and maintenance savings for our customers by looking at opportunities from all angles.

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