Friday Night Lights Just Got Brighter for the Football Field at Reynoldsburg City Schools


Video LED Lighting Reynoldsburg City Schools Football Stadium

As part of a District Wide Energy Conservation Project in the Reynoldsburg City Schools, the High School Football Field received new LED Lights.  The Lighting was installed on four of the five existing poles. Each of the four poles, now has a quantity of 13 1,150 watt LED Lamps on pole along with a quantity of 2 -575 watt LED Lamps up-lights per pole to be able to track the ball.  Each of the four poles now have a quantity of thirteen 1,150 watt LED Lamps, along with two – 575 watt LED Lamps up-lights that help players track the ball.  Energy usage will reduced by 57.1 KW.

Some of the features of this new Lighting System include:

  • A computer application allows the District to create schedules to match athletic events.
  • The District utilizes a mobile app to shut off the lights.
  • LED Lights provide a sharp cut-off, which eliminates light spillage. The light is now focused exactly where it should be, on the field.
  • Musco’s Total Light Control provides better visibility for the players and spectators. Players enjoy a field view in higher definition and can track the entire flight of the ball.

These components make for a state-of-the-art stadium for Reynoldsburg Athletes.

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