How To Make Your School More Efficient

Fix your problem spots with energy savings solutions

How are inadequate controls, out-dated lighting, time-consuming HVAC repairs affecting your schools with Rising Energy Costs? Dynamix Energy Services can help you improve your school’s energy consumption, enhance building comfort and reduce cost by implementing these:

Energy Saving Solutions

Lighting: Bright Ideas to Save Energy and Money

Lighting = 30% of the energy consumed in schools

LED lighting is an affordable option to save money and reduce energy consumption; however, it is not uncommon for administrators to shy away from a lighting project due to the initial investment.

A lighting project is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce a school’s energy consumption and save money.

Things to consider when deciding on a retrofit vs. replacement lighting project:

Dynamix Lighting eGuide

HVAC Control Systems – Part 2

Fine–Tuning: What is it and Why it Matters

Fine tuning allows operators of new buildings to achieve optimum HVAC system results. Comparison case studies of new buildings, both with and without proper fine-tuning, have proved that a properly fine-tuned building will reduce utility expenses by 30-50%, significantly lower maintenance costs and enhance comfort versus a building that has not been fine-tuned.

HVAC Fine Tuning eGuide


HVAC Control Systems eGuide

Get it right the first time!

HVAC Controls Design–Build Best Practices

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) account for 40–80% of the energy used in commercial buildings, depending on system performance.

The “one size fits all” solution is not appropriate regarding HVAC controls.

Not all buildings are exactly alike; therefore, HVAC control systems should be designed and built to meet the needs of each unique situation. See how getting HVAC control systems right the first time is to find the right partner.

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