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is a design-build firm focused on maximizing energy efficiencies. Count on Dynamix to provide innovative, value-based solutions for all of your energy projects.

“Our mission is to anticipate and exceed client expectations at every level, on every project”

Energy Projects

Improve your building’s energy consumption, enhance comfort, and reduce costs.

Resolve your ongoing facility challenges. Optimize mechanical, lighting, control and exterior systems with guaranteed energy savings.


A successful plan starts with the scouting report.


We offer an unbiased approach to maximize savings.


Our fully executed projects exceed expectations.


Lean, iterative processes ensure optimal performance.

Building Automation & Controls Professional Services

From the moment of a building’s opening, know that you are delivering a project with guaranteed performance.

Recent innovations in building automation and control systems mean that “one size fits all” solutions no longer apply. You will achieve your best results by having professional engineers design these systems, just as professional engineers design your mechanical and electrical systems.

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Fine-Tuning & Retro-Commissioning

Utilize your existing building systems and transform into a high performance facility using our powerful, energy saving control strategies.

With careful analysis and attention to detail, your facility can achieve its optimal performance.

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Co-Gen & Renewable Energy

Reduce your business’ bottom line vulnerability to electric power grid dependency.

With the number of major electric emergency incidents and disturbances to the U.S. grid on the rise, it is good practice to examine your facility’s ability to augment with its own energy generation. Identifying additional sources of power also unlocks great savings potential.

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Systems Integration

Understand the power of integration.

The “Internet of Things” is the next major technological frontier. Systems of smart machines that interface directly with one another via the Internet now allow you to connect multiple building systems to one familiar user interface.

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On-Going Technical Services

Protect your investment.

Our engineering expertise complements your maintenance team to extend the life of your equipment and maintain optimal performance.

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Energy Dashboard

Discover savings opportunities and optimize energy usage in real-time.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Energy dashboards are software products that measure and display real-time energy consumption and savings. These tools help you discover where inefficiencies may lie and allow you to immediately troubleshoot problems.

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Every project we work with is unique.

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